Do you have what it takes to be a Viper?

Skills Improvement

Our players are true students of the game and are focused on training multiple days a week, every week of the year to consistently improve their skills.



We hold our players accountable. Players who put in the hard work excel on game day.


Experienced Coaching Staff

Once you get to the big diamond we believe baseball teams should be managed and coached by people who have been in those shoes before. Our coaches have all played in baseball in college/ professionally.


College Exposure

We play locally as well as at College Showcase Events. Our teams are competitive and players will have the opportunity to get noticed by college coaches.



Baseball is a stressful game. Players perform their best when they are relaxed. If a player happens to goof up in a game, there may be "fun" consequences...  See picture :)



We expect our players to continuously improve and demonstrate their abilities. Play time is not a given, it is earned. Additionally, team members are required to tryout each season to maintain a roster spot on the team.