Fee Structure


As stated earlier the Vipers don't believe in "daddy ball", this means none of the coaches we count towards this number will be fathers of kids on the team. This is not as a knock at all on the fathers that do help out their sons team, that is great they are willing and able to. But at the end of the day that adds politics (aka daddy ball) into the mix.


The Vipers believe too many organizations try to make it with only a single true coach for one main reason, money. ($) ($) Some of the other organizations in the area NEED to have one coach per team because they have too many teams. This means that their coaches are spread thin, and are not able to give the individual attention needed.


We believe having multiple coaches at every session is essential in order to ensure that our players WILL be ready for the next level. The Vipers will not put together a team if we do not have AT LEAST 1 head coach, and assistant coach for that team before it is formed!



Estimated cost for the Fall  2019 season is $1,400.00